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Portrait photograph of Olu Soluade

Olu is a Professional Engineer and Professional Construction Project Manager with 30 years experience.

He started AOS Consulting Engineers in 2008. In 2009, the company won an award as the Young Company of the Year from CESA/Glenrand MIB and various international awards.

He is currently serving as the GAC Chair and the President for ASHRAE South Africa Chapter.

Portrait photograph of Richard Humphrey

Richard is currently the business owner of HFW Consulting (Pty) Ltd and actively consults throughout South Africa and Africa on mechanical, fire, wet services and sustainability. He is a Faculty member for the Green Building Council of South Africa and serves as an assessor for them as well.

He currently serves as the Chapter Treasurer, a Board of Governors and is the Subregion 1 Chair for Region At Large.

Portrait photograph of Garid Glenn

Currently working for Baltimore Aircoil Company as Head of Marketing, Garid has a passion for sustainability which reflects in his Masters topic on Water vs Energy saving in HVAC installations.

Garid is 1 of 5 current BOG members as well as the membership promotions and nominations chair for ASHRAE South Africa.

Portrait photograph of Declan van Greunen

Declan is currently working for Spoormaker and Partners based in Centurion. He holds a Masters in Engineering, is a Professional Engineer as well as a BOG member and The Chapter Technical Training Committee Chair. The CTTC provides efficient and effective transfer of current and relevant information throughout the HVAC&R industry.

Portrait photograph of Dick Morkel

Dick is a member of the ASHRAESA Board of Governors with a focus on communications. Most of his life he has worked in a managerial position in a large multinational consulting practice and he now has his own small practice. Whilst he takes on projects of all types, data centres and sustainable building designs are his passions.


Committee chairs


Chapter President's Message

May 2021

Resurrection time

In the last issue of the ASHRAE SA Newsletter, we focused on new beginnings and we encouraged you that though 2020 was challenging, we have another opportunity to begin and start over again. Where there is live (life) there is HOPE.

Let us talk about hope: the good book declared, that hope makes us not ashamed because the love of God is shed abroad in our heart by the Holy Spirit that He has given us.

Portrait photograph of Olu Soluade
Chapter President

We are here to let you know that there is resurrection available for you in all your endeavours. We can arise with hope and begin to plough on knowing that your hope in a better tomorrow will bring about the desired change.

Don’t give up: there is resurrection for you, your business, your career, your family, our nation and in all your endeavours.

As ASHRAE South Africa Chapter, for the remaining months of the society year 2020/2021 we are focusing our MBO:

Student Activities and establishment of two new student chapters. We’ve been in discussions and meetings with various institutions in South Africa and we trust that we will be establishing student chapters in the next few months. Please join us to effectively do this. Also, as SA Chapter we’ve developed various sponsorship package for the 2021/22 society year. Please send an email to the chapter administrator at and you will receive the write up for your use.

We encourage you to come on board and work with us to make our chapter a success and our professional endeavour relevant for ages to come.

Thanks for your support and contribution and we look forward to our continuous growth.

Read on and share with others.

Finally, we declare unto you:




ECSA Regulations Gazetted

The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) has gazetted the following three strategic regulations:


Chapter President's Message

February 2021

The new beginnings

It gives me great pleasure as the serving President of ASHRAE SA to welcome you to the new year, 2021. Although 2020 was an interesting year for the world at large, we are grateful that we are still here.

Portrait photograph of Olu Soluade
Chapter President

We would like to let you know that since we are still alive and still here, we can start again. This new year gives another opportunity to arise and go forward again.

Let us forget about mediocrity, and what should have been that never was, and let us look ahead with hope and expectations to HIM that holds the world together.

Yes, you can begin again.

As ASHRAE South Africa Chapter, our MBO for the society year 2021/2022 focuses on the following:

  1. Each member reach one: let us become our brother’s & sister’s keeper. Let us search out and encourage our members and further invite our colleagues to join.
  2. Student activities and establishment of two new student chapters this year. Let us go and reconnect with our alma maters and introduce and start ASHRAE
  3. Our YEA promotion and engagement
  4. Government outreach days
  5. Promotion of the three strategic goals of the society i.e:
    1. ASHRAE as an essential knowledge resource
    2. Maximize member value and engagement
    3. Optimize ASHRAE organizational structure to maximize performance

We encourage you to come on board and work with us to make our chapter a success and our professional endeavour relevant for ages to come. Thanks for your support and contribution and we look forward to our continuous growth.

Read on and share with others.

Finally, we declare unto you:

“New Beginnings”



Chapter President's Message

November 2020

The season of joy and thanksgiving

It gives me great pleasure as the serving President of ASHRAE SA to welcome you to the first newsletter of the chapter. The timing of the release of this newsletter is of great importance as well.

In this Christmas season, as we celebrate joy to the world, we want to encourage you to be thankful for the gift of family and friendship and to look forward with hope for the commencement of another new year - 2021.

Portrait photograpoh of Chapter President Olu Soluade
Chapter President

In June 2020, the current officers of the ASHRAE SA Chapter were inaugurated by Mr Richard Humphrey, the immediate past president.

During this ceremony, the presidential theme of 2020/2021 was presented. The theme as presented was and still is “TEAM” Together Each Achieving More.

We encourage you to come on board and work with us to make our chapter a success and our professional endeavour relevant for ages to come.

Thanks for your support and contribution and we look forward to our continuous growth. Read on and share with others.

Finally, we declare unto you that all things will obey this word:

“And it Came to Pass”



ASHRAE Society Theme

Portrait photograph of Chuck Gulledge
ASHRAE President 2020-2021 Charles E. Gulledge III, P.E., HBDP, LEED AP, Fellow ASHRAE
The theme of the Presidential Address for 2020-21 [video | full text] is The ASHRAE Digital Lighthouse and Industry 4.0.

Digital transformation is not simply associated with adopting new technical solutions. Knowledge needs to be captured and linked in such a way that all relevant stakeholders benefit. Doing so requires understanding of how to collect, store, and analyze data; so that it is insightful and actionable. The ASHRAE Digital Lighthouse and Industry 4.0 focuses on reimagining the building industry by not only integrating industry segments, but technology. This presentation will examine how ASHRAE will lead the industry in becoming a part of the digital transformation that will guide the building industry into the next decade and beyond.

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Chapter President's Message

Portrait photograph of Olu Soluade
Chapter President

Welcome to the South African Chapter of ASHRAE. We are a volunteer-based society of dedicated professionals in the Built Environment, striving to improve and share building sciences and related industries. The ASHRAE society has been around since 1894 consisting of about 56 000 members internationally with 132 Nations divided into 15 Regions, with local Chapters supporting each Region. These all form and serve a community of enthusiastic volunteers in constant communication and selflessly sharing their knowledge and experience. The South African Chapter was chartered in July 2018 which brings the total number of ASHRAE societies in Africa to four.

Our Presidential theme for this year: TEAM. This signifies our focus for this Society year. We want to create an enabling environment where Together Each Achieves Much. To achieve this goal, the three goals captured within the strategic society plan will be followed. These goals are:

  1. Position ASHRAE as an essential knowledge resource for a sustainable, high-performance built Environment.
  2. Maximise member value and engagement.
  3. Optimise ASHRAE’s Organizational Structure to Maximise Performance.

The acronym TEAM will form the basis for our ASHRAE SA Chapter society year in 2020/21.

Together: In the last two years, we’ve seen what we can do together and how we can move forward in strength and strides. However, this is to be enhanced in this society year. We will need every single one of us to stand up and be counted and put aside our differences and work on a common goal and that goal is: making our industry attractive and relevant.

Each: Every single one of us matters. There is no one that can form an island alone. Our experiences pooled together will enable us to become more relevant. You matter!

Achieving: Whatever we are now individually is not compared to what we can be collectively. A collective people with one goal can go further than an individual alone.

More: That is the ultimate goal. The society can only move forward when we all work together. Working together creates a wonderful atmosphere for each one of us to achieve more. In fact, the good book I read actually recognises that: if the people are one and speak one language, whatever they imagine or envisioned to do, they are able to achieve with no issue.

We encourage you to join ASHRAE SA Chapter to be a volunteer to help grow the South African building Sciences and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you all and God bless.

President ASHRAE SA Chapter 2020/2021


Chapter Presidential Theme

Presidential theme 2020 to 2021


Distinguished Lecturer Karine Leblanc: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Cape Town and Pretoria, 2 to 3 March 2020


ASHRAE Winter Conference (Orlando), February 2020




Based on the impact of COVID-19, the executive committee have made the decision to not have a face-to-face CRC, which was due to take place in Cape Town at the lovely Lagoon Beach Hotel.

The CRC was well advanced in the planning being held in conjunction with the Pakistan and Indian Chapters - it would have been the first in South Africa and would have been attended by nearly 400 foreign delegates.

It is unfortunate but we aim to bring this CRC back to South Africa in 2022.

The CRC for 2020 will be a virtual CRC, taking place between the 4th and 5th of December 2020, so watch this space as it promises to be short and punchy, with lots of interaction for members to see how business is undertaken at the Region-at-Large.

The next face-to-face is planned for 2021 in Luxor, Egypt.